Shetland Soap Co: Squeaky Clean From Start to Finish!

Flickr/CC/Chris Parfitt | Scented soap at East Grinstead Christmas Festival, 2010

By Pia Chatterjee


Shetland Soap Company is a subset of Cope Ltd., a longstanding social enterprise working out of the small island of Shetland, Scotland, since 1998. Cope’s business functions by employing adults with disabilities in the local community whilst offering them varying types of development workshops and activities for them to participate in society to their full potential. Shortlisted for the Best Social Enterprise award at the 2015 Highland Business Awards and part of the final 6 contenders for the Social Enterprise of the Year 2015, Scotland, Cope manages different branches such as Shetland Kitchen Co., Shetland Garden Co., Shetland Home Co. and Orkney Soap. Shetland Soap Co. is an addition to their work just like these.

The offshoot produces handcrafted soaps and other skincare products using a combination of traditional and contemporary methods. They prioritize the use of natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable ingredients to create lovely, unique fragrances aiming to evoke “the smell of the sea, the beauty of the natural environment, and the warmth of the sun”.

Now firmly established and turning over as much as 100,000 GBP, Shetland Soap has focused nearly exclusively on their growth and expansion in the last decade to accommodate the growing number of school dropouts with autism. This expansion has entailed the introduction of different lines of products targeting all kinds of audiences. As a result, you’d easily be able to dig into their men’s line, Black Ice, for body washes, soap bars, shaving soap or foam wash; or even let yourself be tempted by their baby products rich in aloe vera and organic honey to best suit sensitive skin. At the right time of year, you would also be able to give someone a thoughtful gift with their Christmas-themed lines of products – Winter Berries and The Night Before Christmas. Even better, were you to be merely looking for standard products, you would be able to choose from numerous differently-themed categories available on their website here. Your products can be shipped all over the UK and even Europe, charged according to their weight.

All of Shetland Soap’s products abide by the European Cosmetic Regulations of 2013 and none have been tested on animals. Every process – incidentally also explained in detail for all consumers to consult before any purchase – be it weighing, mixing, pouring, bottling or labelling, is performed by members of the staff by hand. Today, this company is going strong, self-sustaining and paying wages. If you’re looking to invest in something that’s always useful, makes for a fantastic gift and help members of a community with difficulties, Shetland is the place for you. Opt for clean production for a cleaner you, today!