Exchange junk food for organic: healthy eating for students in France

Flickr/CC/Michael Stern

By Laura Manent

Being a student can imply loads of different challenges… and one of them is trying to eat healthily when you live alone! Going to the supermarket, looking most of the time for something quite easy to prepare because you have three essays to write and you are already tired, and because you get desperate when you realize most of the healthy things don’t really match your budget…

It can be hard to eat good and healthy products everyday. In France, only 6% of young people between 12 and 30 eat at least 5 fruits or vegetables per day.


Flickr/CC/Vox Efx
Flickr/CC/Vox Efx

Some students realized this and decided to take action and help us exchange junk food for organic vegetables and fruits.

Here is a list of cities where different initiatives came to life with an eco-responsible approach :


  1. Paris

At Sciences Po Paris, for example, a students association named PAVéS aiming to promote a new consumerism, new ways of thinking and living with an ecological and sustainable approach, conceived an amazing project : Sciences Potiron.

Every Monday, Patrick Boumard, an organic farmer producing near Paris, comes to Sciences Po with a few baskets full of seasonable fruits and vegetables to distribute them in the courtyard of the school.

Students get to sign up for a 6 week cycle and pay to  the association the amount then given to Patrick Boumard, so that every Monday they can receive either a 2.5kg basket for 5 euros, a 5kg one for 10 euros, or a 7.5kg for 15 euros!


  1. Lyon, Grenoble

One nice initiative was conceived by a student’s insurance company, the SMERRA. Realizing that there was no outlet helping students access fresh, seasonal, organic products for low prices, the insurance company decided to partner with local producers.

To promote sustainable and responsible consumerism, the SMERRA proposes to its students a basket full of seasonal fruits and vegetables for 5 euros in Lyon and Grenoble.

They only need to buy the basket online and come get it filled every week at the local agency!


  1. Bordeaux

In Bordeaux, different university campuses also propose fruits and vegetables to their students for 5 euros. They need to order them a week before at any partner campus and come get it at the same place.

Every basket comes with a few recipes designed by a nutritionist and adapted to the different fruits and vegetables included! The health care service at the University of Bordeaux also offers free cooking workshops every week with a nutritionist in order to teach students how to cook and eat better.



Strasbourg, Clermont Ferrand, Toulouse, Marseille, Poitiers… Today, many actors in different cities promote good nutrition,  sustainable consumerism, and want to help students with limited means take care of their health. No more excuses for the lack of fruits and vegetables in your student kitchen.

Eat better, think better, study better !