5 Charity Cafés You Must Visit

Flickr/CC/Camila Tamara Silva Sepúlveda

By Maria Bennici

Looking for a great place to cozy up with a book, your statistics homework, or with some friends while watching the leaves change? Check out these cafés, which offer the perfect tastes to go with the autumn season and some pretty awesome ways to support people in your community.


The Monkey & the Elephant (Philadelphia, PA), reviews, Instagram:

This café provides a program for youth who have aged out of the foster care system, giving them access to mentors, a job, and training that enhances their skills for school and future employment. The program runs for 8 months and teaches them skills such as oral communication and cash register handling.

What to try: The cheesecake brownie and a mocha.

Cafe 458 (Atlanta, GA), reviews:

This café, located in the Old Fourth Ward, is staffed entirely by volunteers, thus allowing all proceeds to go directly to the Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency. This organization supports homeless men and women in the community, and the café supports your desire for a delicious Southern brunch!

What to try: The fried chicken and waffles, with a rosemary twist and Georgia peach preserves.

Purple Door Coffee (Denver, CO), reviews, Instagram:

This café is similar to The Monkey & the Elephant in that it provides a training program for its employees; however, this program is 52 weeks long. Teens and young adults are eligible, and three are hired at a time, and the program specifically focuses on those who were homeless and wish to leave that lifestyle behind for future employment and education.

What to try: The iced almond milk latte with a pumpkin croissant—perfect for the fall.

Café 54 (Tucson, AZ), reviews :

Mental illnesses can often be so challenging to its sufferers that maintaining a daily job can be extremely difficult. Café 54 pays its trainees, all of whom cope with a variety of mental illnesses, and provides them with training in order to be able to handle future independent employment. The café also provides assistance in finding psychosocial support and in finding the trainee’s next employment in the community.

What to try: The Hero’s Gyro.

East Van Roasters (Vancouver, Canada), reviews, Instagram:

Located in the Rainier Hotel, a residence that helps women suffering from mental health and substance dependency issues, East Van Roasters is another social enterprise from the PHS Community Services Society, a nonprofit that advocates and provides opportunities for marginalized residents of Vancouver. This café provides training and employment to the residents of the hotel, so while you’re enjoying your organic chocolate and coffee goods that are prepared right at the site, you’re also helping women in need.

What to try: The Mayan spiced hot chocolate with the chocolate tasting flight.

Flickr/CC/Roland Tanglao
Flickr/CC/Roland Tanglao